Budget Sized Kitchen Facelift Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen on the Cheap

Don’t you just love dollar stores? Are you aware that you can buy some pretty cool stuff to help remodel your kitchen from the Dollar Tree? You can buy your paint rollers and pans at a dollar store for much less than they would cost at the hardware store. Buy sheets of plastic to cover […]

How Much Space Does Your New Kitchen Island Need?

The kitchen island has been a mainstay in kitchens for many years. They combine the need for functionality and effective design features homeowners seek. It provides the kitchen with extra storage space and a dining area. It also sometimes functions as the heart of the kitchen where the family gathers. It is not unusual for […]

Interesting Ways to Repurpose Old Cabinets

When the kitchen gets an update, the cabinets are usually among the items that get changed. This does not always mean that they are damaged in any way, so that means that they can be used for another purpose, often with some basic refinishing. Here are some easy and low cost ways to make use […]

4 Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Small Kitchen

We understand that there is nothing worse than a small kitchen, especially when it comes to preparing meals and sitting down to eat with family and friends. If there is no way that you can expand your kitchen, then we want you to know that you can still maximize the space that you already have. […]

12 Quick and Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

Winter is a great time to update the interior of your home. The kitchen is probably looking pretty drab about now, so let’s look at 12 quick and easy ways to give your kitchen a facelift. Most of these items can be completed in a single weekend if you’re the DIY type. Or you can […]