Trust a Handyman to Complete Multiple Projects in a Single Day

Homeowners always have a long list of items that need to be completed around the house. We completely understand, because we are homeowners as well. Sometimes you may want to try to complete the honey-do list yourself, but it can take quite a bit of time that you do not always have to spare. The […]

Plan Your Spring Cleaning Checklist in Advance to Stay Organized

We’re approaching the end of winter and spring is on the way! Most homeowners like to give their home a good cleaning in time for the summer and. Spring cleaning is the term we’ve given this task over the centuries. We often put regular home maintenance things off throughout the year until we’re ready to […]

Checklist Home Services Can Take on Your Handyman Projects Quickly

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When it comes to getting handyman-type work done in and around your home, you don’t always need to hire a construction contractor. There are certain tasks that can be repaired by a skilled handyman, and could save you money through various means. While a contractor is good to have in case you want to add […]

Why Start a Handyman Service?

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I’ve been asked time and time again, “Why this particular business? Why did you start a handy-man business?” And the answer is quite simple – I came up with the idea of starting a handy-person service about five years ago when I became a homeowner myself. I found it difficult to find a reliable, honest […]

10% Off Home Projects That Make You Feel Organized For Fall

Are you panicking to get your household back in order for the start of the school year?  Implementing a few organizational systems may make you feel better.  Checklist Home Services is offering 10% off handyperson services for projects that help you feel more organized for fall.  Some ideas: Make your entries and exits less frantic […]