What Can You Do to Help Clean Up Trash in NYC?

We love the NYC skyline, don’t you? Most of our fellow New Yorkers are proud of this amazing city and help keep it clean by recycling and properly dealing with household trash. So that’s who we’re talking to today – the city-conscious New Yorker who cares about the appearance of the city as much as […]

Hide Your Trash in Plain Sight with Attractive Trash Bins

The average drive through a city neighborhood will tell you a lot about that neighborhood. A trashy looking neighborhood gives you an uneasy feeling that things could go wrong. This visual would give you a bad first impression of this particular area regardless of how it normally looks. What is Hiding in Plain Sight? The […]

Spruce Up the Exterior of Your Property with Decorative Trash Enclosures

Curb appeal means so much more than the appearance of your home. You can install new windows, replace the siding and the roofing, and paint decorative elements on the exterior of your home to improve curb appeal. But if you’re still using those ugly standard green trash cans or dumpsters on your property, you still […]

CitiBin is the Perfect Stylish Trash Enclosure for Co-Ops and Condos

Waste management and recycling are extremely important in multi-family settings such as co-ops and condos. Everyone has trash and many of today’s eco-conscious homeowners and property managers are interested in recycling everything. No one wants their property to look trashy, but on the other hand no one wants to put a lot of time or […]

CitiBin: Elegant Trash Enclosures

Having a trash bin that is unobtrusive and attractive can help maintain your home’s curb appeal while being 100% functional. CitiBin has come to the rescue with their trendy trash enclosures that do the job without looking ugly or tacky. These enclosures have undergone a redesign so that you can now purchase the kit and […]