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Don’t you just love dollar stores? Are you aware that you can buy some pretty cool stuff to help remodel your kitchen from the Dollar Tree? You can buy your paint rollers and pans at a dollar store for much less than they would cost at the hardware store. Buy sheets of plastic to cover the flooring while you’re there, too.

Local dollar stores also have so many great items like:

  • Decorative Vases: you don’t have to spend a fortune on cute, decorative stuff.
  • Baskets: Organize the kitchen, cabinets, and pantry with decorative baskets while you’re into it.
  • Canisters: Organize all of your foodstuff with canisters. Get bold and creative with the use of colors.
  • Cooking Utensils: There’s nothing wrong with buying cheap wooden spoons or colored cooking utensils to add some functionality and style to your kitchen on the cheap.
  • Hooks and Nails: Put hooks underneath your cabinets and hang your decorative coffee mugs to make space in the cabinets for other things. Nails will come in handy for hanging artwork.
  • Artwork: Yes, you can even buy some decorative and cheap artwork at local dollar stores.
  • Rugs: Cover up imperfections in the flooring with decorative rugs, unless you plan to replace the flooring as well during the remodel.

The Big Stuff

Okay, you probably shouldn’t buy paint, flooring, or other big ticket items at a dollar store, because you need higher quality than they generally provide. Cheap paint is okay in a pinch if you’re touching up a kid’s bedroom, but not for a room as important as the kitchen. The paint you need for the kitchen should be durable enough to withstand cleaning after cleaning.

Cheap Kitchen Facelift

  • Thoroughly Clean Everything: Everything. Don’t leave a single area of the kitchen untouched by cleaner.
  • Paint: Take the time to paint the walls and the cabinets as well. Painting the kitchen cabinets does take time, so don’t expect to finish this in a single weekend without help. Use colors that you love, and don’t be afraid to take ideas from Pinterest or the Instagram accounts you trust.
  • Organize: Remember those dollar store baskets and canisters we mentioned? Use them to organize the junk drawer, all of those lids that are currently cluttering a drawer or cabinet, and all of those foods like dried beans, rice, and croutons. Organize all of the staples as well: flour, corn meal mix, sugar, and oatmeal should go into decorative containers.
  • Install a Backsplash: Get as fancy as you want with the backsplash, because they’re really not that expensive, even if you use individual tile.

Handyman in Brooklyn

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of giving your own kitchen a facelift, call us at 347-695-1882 to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We’ll help you choose the best colors and materials, and quickly knock out the heavy lifting.