by checklist

Is your bathroom looking dull and in need some of a lift? Why not make some small and inexpensive changes to give this room a facelift. To give new life to your bathroom doesn’t require that you rip out everything and renovate. So let’s look at some simple, but effective ways to brighten up your bathroom.

  • Paint it over or Cover it: A new coat of paint can quickly transform any room. So, if you want to freshen up a bathroom consider painting it, and don’t be shy in going bold. Consider using gloss paint as this is easy to clean. If you don’t want to paint, use wallpaper to give the walls new life.
  • Use wall decals: These are easy to put on and can be just as easily removed. Wall decals can be used to transform your bathroom for each season or holiday. Yu can let you personal style show with decals.
  • Change the mirror: Look at replacing the mirror with a different type. You can even take one from another room in the house. With the wide variety of mirrors on the market, you can have fun choosing one or a number of smaller mirrors that totally reflect who you are when it comes to style.
  • Add some greenery: Add a few plants such as orchids or peace lilies thrive in the moist humid atmosphere of the bathroom. Some great plant ideas include aloe vera, Boston fern, bamboo, and spider plant. This is the perfect way to bring some of the outdoors inside. Some plants, like the peace lily, help purify the air while taking care of some of the humidity produced in the bathroom.
  • Change out the lighting: Changing your lighting fixtures can also work wonders in transforming your bathroom quickly and inexpensively. Put in a small, fancy chandelier, or place recessed light into the frame of the vanity mirror. Add a brass wall scone lighting and use a dimmer switch so that you can make the room as dim or as bright as you want.
  • Replace the grout: This may take a little more time and money, but replacing discolored grout on the floor can make the area look new and clean. You can do this yourself, or hire a professional tile layer to get it done.
  • Add trim and molding: Decorative trim and molding can make your bathroom looks luxurious and brand new. You can add these features to areas such as door jams, baseboard and counter edges.
  • Storage: One thing that can detract from a bathroom is having your stuff all over the place. So why not get organize by adding or improving the storage options. Replace old cabinets or put in new ones. You could also paint the doors to existing cabinets to make them look new.
  • New Flooring: Consider replacing the flooring if it is discolored or old. This is the perfect time to treat yourself to heated flooring. Alternately, you can put in some nice bath mats and rug.

Some of these ideas are great DIY projects, but please keep in mind that they do take time. Most homeowners don’t have the time to dedicate to full projects like a bathroom facelift. That’s why we exist! The crew here at Checklist Home Services is comprised of men and women who truly enjoy home improvement projects and helping homeowners make the most of their home. Give us a call at 347-695-1882 to schedule an appointment or request a quote.