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Smart phones have taken the place of traditional calendars to remind us when to change the air filter, water filter, and check the batteries in the smoke alarm. A quick alarm setting on your phone is much easier than remembering to keep track of the calendar. But let’s be honest; those things are still very annoying. In fact, I’d say they’re among the most annoying things on any homeowner’s household to-do checklist. Today I’d like to talk about the importance of the top eight most annoying household checklist items that I can help you automate.

Annoying Items from Your Honey-do List

1. Check for toilet leaks. Yes, this is a piece of furniture you see on a daily basis, and you’ll probably notice if there is a leak. Probably. After all, you’re busy most days. Toilet leaks may occur from several different areas such as the tank, the bowl, or even inside the tank. Leaks that go undetected for a period of time can cause serious problems, including damaged flooring.

2. Lubricate window tracks and door hinges. A lot of homeowners don’t think about lubricating window tracks until nice weather when they can open the windows for a nice breeze. What happens when you go to open a window – and it doesn’t budge? You have to pull, pry, hit it with a hammer. Okay maybe not hit it with a hammer, but it does upset you to that extent. Lubrication every few months helps prevent sticking, and keeps door hinges from getting squeaky.

3. GFCI testing. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are used in most homes, and protect you from electric shock by monitoring the current that flows through it to you. It cuts power to an appliance within 1/30th of a second if there’s a risk to you. The two buttons on the GFCI are in place for testing and resetting the unit if needed. Testing should be done at least every few months to make sure it is still working properly.

4. Check clothes washer seals for leaks and damage. Any appliance that uses water can cause serious damage or flooding if something unexpectedly goes wrong. Your laundry room is a potential flood waiting to happen. The water that goes into your washer is never actually turned off. A leak can cause catastrophic damages. Checking the seals every few months is the best preventative maintenance you can do.

5. Clean or change filters and check exhaust fans on various appliances. Air filters, water filters, range hood filters, dryer exhaust hose and vent… Every single filter in your home protects you against something or helps maintain the air or water quality in your home. Those filters must be changed at least every three months. Some may need to be cleaned or changed monthly depending on the water or air quality in your area.

6. Drain sediment from hot water heater. Moderate amounts of sediment in your hot water heater can lead to problems. The cost of operating your hot water heater may increase while the amount or quality of hot water you receive from it may decrease. Draining your hot water heater once every few years is a great way to extend its life and prevent problems in the future.

7. Clean dust buildup from exhaust and ceiling fans. Dusty ceiling fans aren’t often a consideration until spring or summer. How many times have you turned on your ceiling fans on a nice spring day, only to create a huge dust storm due to layers of dust flying off of the fan? Cleaning your ceiling fans at least every three months prevents that nice little surprise.

8. Check charge and expiration date on fire extinguishers and safety alarms. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and fire extinguishers save lives; but only if they’re charged and working properly. Most homeowners check these items at least once a year, but many confess that they often forget unless they set an alarm on their phone or mark it on a calendar. Even then, the tasks are often overlooked.

How Can You Automate these Annoying Checklist Items?

Setting an alarm on your phone is good and all, but when it comes right down to performing these tasks, do you really make the time to do them on schedule? I understand that most homeowners are busy people. I’m here to help with your monotonous checklist items and keep your household safe, clean, and comfortable.

Check out the Honey-Do list creator for a quick, easy list of home services my colleagues and I will help with. Call any time if you have questions or concerns regarding our services, or if you have a specific checklist item you need help with.