by checklist

Before and after custom closetThe recommended presents for a tenth wedding anniversary are tin, aluminum, or diamonds, to symbolize the durability of the relationship. Or, one could knock down a wall for their spouse and build a closet in its place. In ten years of marriage, I have had a spacious closet and my husband Frank stuffed his clothes in a small IKEA wardrobe. Until now.

The discovery of a cavernous wasted space behind our bedroom wall was an opportunity to give my darling husband his own custom closet as an anniversary gift. And an opportunity to kick his ugly brown IKEA wardrobe to the curb.

In part one of this series, the Checklist handyman crew did the demolition, framing, drywalling, shelving, and painting. Then I stepped in to go Martha on the finishing.

This closet project and the wall niche project got my juices flowing about ways to help our clients liberate wasted spaces in their homes. Where do you suspect space is wasted in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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