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“What is it that you do exactly?” I get this question on a daily basis, probably because I don’t look like a handyman and there aren’t many women in this industry. The best answer I can come up with is usually along the lines of, “A little bit of everything, really.” We focus on a variety of minor home improvement tasks that you just may not have time to take care of on your own.

The Honey-Do List

You know all of those little things that are tedious and only take a few minutes to do, but you never find time to do them? Those are the types of things we include on the honey-do list. We would, for example, tighten door hinges and knobs, oil window tracks and hinges, check appliances for leaks, change smoke detector batteries… You get the idea.

Many of the issues we deal with are considered maintenance items. Removing hair and soap scum buildup in drains, testing the ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), cleaning the breaker box and checking for hot breakers, cleaning filters, and other items that many homeowners find irritating. Just call us to set up an appointment every few months or so, we get it done so you can forget it.

Other items we take care of are more along the lines of light home improvement projects. That bathroom door that has been giving you problems for years, grout and caulk cleaning and replacement, drywall repair, whole room painting or touch-up paint, new toilet installation, and much more.

We also love to assemble and repair furniture. That IKEA bookshelf that came in 500 different pieces – we put those together. We’ll also hang shelves straight so nothing falls off of them, and mount your television safely and securely.

What’s on your honey-do list?   Create your own custom, printable list on our web site. Take a look at the services already listed on the checklist; if the particular service you need isn’t listed, note it in at the bottom of the page. We can turn your quote around really quickly if you attach photos to give us visuals.  Click submit and await your quote from us with

Our Employees

Checklist Home Services is comprised of employees who enjoy carpentry, cleaning, organizing, painting, and just generally fixing things. Our staff is very diverse, and each person is an expert in his or her field; making our company a very unique entity in itself. If you are an experienced handy-person and would like to be considered as a potential employee, either part time or full time, please call and discuss your talents with me. I’m always on the lookout for new handy-people to help with the workload.

What’s The Word On The Street About Checklist?

What do others have to say?  See the feature about us on “Sector B,” Brooklyn Independent Television’s small business show.   Hundreds of happy customers have reviewed us on Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, and Facebook.  We will give you 5-star treatment, too.  That’s my promise.