by checklist

One of our biggest stressors in life is aging.  And with good reason. As we loose our physical agility, we often loose some of our independence. We’ve all heard about a friend or senior who had to move into a different living arrangement to feel safe and comfortable. At Checklist, we’re excited about our company’s new “aging in place” initiative. We’re currently contending for a $5,000 grant from Intuit to help start our initiative (you can vote here!).

So, what exactly is aging in place? Aging in place is a term used to describe a senior living in the residence of their choice as they age, while being able to have any services (or other support) they might need over time as their needs change, for as long as they are able. Much of our work as “handi-people” is improving a home over time. Checklist is not a fly-by-night handyman company. We are here to build relationships with individuals and families so they feel confident calling us up with new ideas and issues. We understand that our homes have everything to do with our families.

To start a much bigger conversation on this topic, here are a few fantastic resources. If you are a senior or someone taking care of an older friend or family member, we hope this list helps you. Please be in touch if you have other great resources to share!

 Feel free to call or email us with questions or project ideas.