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Our Mission

Quite simply, to do handiwork right.  This is our tagline and the core idea of Checklist. We have accomplished our mission when you scratch your head and wonder if you just did business with a handyman company, an industry not known for its professionalism.

Core Team

For additional bio and press inquiries about Liz, visit here.

LIZ REISCH PICARAZZI is the founder and CEO of Checklist Home Services. Her background on paper has nothing to do with home improvement. In previous lives, she worked as a journalist in Russia, a project manager to nonprofits, and a marketing executive selling credit cards to small businesses. 

The catalyst for Checklist was buying a home in 2007. She DIY’d much of the renovation, and hired handymen to help with some projects. Every handyman she hired underwhelmed her in one way or another.  Those disappointments sparked the idea for a premium handyman service that became Checklist. 

Once Checklist was established and staffed with a strong team, Liz shifted her attention to developing a product that had been in her head for years — an enclosure for trash cans, which has since become its own business, called CitiBin.

Liz loves working in the trades, creating jobs, and mentoring craftspeople who are creative, talented and smart, if not credentialed with college degrees.  She thinks that the U.S. educational system should resuscitate shop class.  


Luis Codina, Field Manager

LUIS CODINA leads the handyman crew for Checklist. Luis joined Checklist in 2015 as an assistant handyman and quickly rose in the ranks by sharpening his technical and communication skills. Luis is broadly skilled in carpentry, painting, plumbing, tiling, and plastering, but excels most in electrical. When Luis doesn’t know something, he’ll jump on YouTube to figure it out, or hack a solution a la MacGyver. Luis does on-site and “virtual” estimates, ensuring that Checklist’s written quotes are thorough and accurate. A native of Venezuela, Luis still closely follows news from his home country, and is part of the resistance to the Maduro regime from afar. In his free time, Luis enjoys snowboarding, traveling, and going to concerts.

Clients regularly praise Luis in online reviews.

  • “A++++ Excellent experience.  Luis arrived on time, stayed late, and accomplished way more stuff than I had anticipated.” (Yelp)
  • “Checklist was awesome. Luis, the handyman who did a full day at my place, was amazing. He installed an AC, fixed all of my door knobs, repaired my radiator, cleaned the vents, replaced light bulbs, caulked the kitchen sink, reattached my bathroom sink to the wall, snaked the drain, etc etc! Luis sent me videos of the work as he completed it and asking any questions he needed. He really went above and beyond — even went out and bought paint that matched my walls!” (Yelp)
  • “Moving from Manhattan has been filled with spontaneous chaos from realtor, atty & buyer, having unique, last minute needs come up. Checklist was available , on time and added stability to the situation. Luis was personable, did a clean, professional job.” (Google)
  • Luis came for an estimate visit on a day and time that was convenient for  me. He showed up promptly and told me he would have a quote back to me in 2 days, and it actually came through in 2 days! I have had such terrible experiences with service providers not following through.” (Yelp)

Tasha O’Farril, Operations Director

TASHA O’FARRIL first joined Checklist Home Services in 2014 as a part-time bookkeeper.  She proved herself to be so capable with operations, people management, and customer service that she now runs daily operations, allowing Liz to work “on” the business rather than “in” the business.  Tasha leads customer support, handles bookkeeping and invoicing, and coordinates “trilateral” communications between the client, office, and field.   She is an operations whiz, always looking for ways to improve the business so that we can best serve our amazing clients.

A native New Yorker and mother of four, Tasha is a master multi-tasker and puts the rest of us at Checklist to shame!  When she isn’t working, Tasha loves taking her kids camping and to water parks.



ISMAEL LUGO, Assistant Handyman







Leif Talavera, Handyman







Christina Nunez, Customer Service Assistant







Mario Hülsmann, Senior Designer/Carpenter

An architect and carpenter, MARIO HÜLSMANN arrived in New York City in 2014 from the German town of Münster, between Dusseldorf and Hamburg. Mario runs leads design, planning, and fabrication for CitiBin outdoor enclosures, a rapidly growing part of our business. Some of Mario’s favorite projects to date include turning unused space into an amazing roof-top deck and creating a storage solution under a customer’s bed. A relative New York newbie, Mario enjoys taking in the tourist attractions, playing baseball, and watching the sun set in Brooklyn Bridge Park.