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Building and running a business takes time; we fully understand. Our business didn’t just pop up overnight and yours won’t either. We’ve worked hard to become the best handyman service in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. We enjoy helping other business owners create the type of atmosphere they originally pictured. Here are 6 reasons you should hire us for your commercial handyman needs, even if you are the DIY type.

  1. Your Time is More Wisely Spent Elsewhere. We aren’t undervaluing the quality of our work here, we’re simply saying that most small business owners have more pressing things to deal with than putting furniture together, painting walls, or hanging artwork. You have a business to build; let us do our job while you do yours.
  2. Maintenance Cost Control. Maintenance costs on a commercial property can be expensive. We list our base prices on our website for everyone to see, and you can always call for a custom quote. We will never overcharge you, and you know what you’re getting at the price point quoted. This allows you to properly maintain the books while we maintain your property.
  3. Check Items Off Your To-Do list. Everyone has a to-do list. Everyone. Most of us have a to-do list at home and one at work, too. We can help you knock out both of your to-do lists if you like!
  4. Redecorate with Ease. Let us help redecorate. We will help you choose the best colors, materials, and decor for your commercial space, and then we can help set it all up.
  5. Furniture Assembly. Setting up cubicles, desks, chairs, and other office furniture takes time. Our handymen can slash the setup time and have you back in business quickly.
  6. Increase Morale. Everyone enjoys working in or doing business in a well-maintained office.

Commercial Handyman Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

How big is your to-do list? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the stresses of owning and operating a business and taking care of everything on your own? Take a look at the commercial handyman services we offer and request a quote with your specific requirements. Our pricing, as always, is on the website. You may be surprised at how much time and money you save with a half-day handyman service.

Call us at 347-695-1882 if you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation with us. Our onsite consultation and estimate is $25, which can be applied to the cost of the services you purchase. Let us show you how we can take away some of the stress of owning, operating, and managing a successful business.