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Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or just looking for ways to increase your storage capacity, it can be tricky to find the perfect storage system. Here are 6 great ideas for creating storage space in your bathroom.

Sink Skirts

Storage can be a particular problem in smaller bathrooms with no room for shelving or storage containers. If you’ve got a bathroom with a pedestal sink, one great option is to install a simple skirt on your sink. The fabric will allow you to add storage baskets to your bathroom without making the space look cluttered.

Storage Ladders

Freestanding storage ladders can be a great option for restless designers who like the option to move and rearrange on a regular basis. This type of shelving can be painted to match your bathroom design, and you can fill it with stacked towels or different types of containers to bring some dimension to the space.

Stacked Wicker Baskets

Stacked wicker baskets or structured cloth baskets can be a simple and efficient way to add storage and visual interest while creating some more closed storage space. They can be fit into corners or under pedestal sinks to save room and avoid decreasing your usable space. Use the baskets for extra towels, or easy access to toiletries.

Peg Rails

A wooden rail with several pegs on it can be a simple solution for creating space to hang towels, toiletries, and other bathroom items. Some peg rails also include a wooden shelf on top which can be great for holding small objects like lotions and toiletries.

Mounted Crates or Baskets

Another easy idea for a budget-friendly storage solution is to purchase inexpensive crates from a craft store and paint them, then mount them on the wall. This saves floor space and creates a unique look as paint can be personalized to match your style. Mounting crates or baskets on the wall also adds depth to your bathroom design.

Custom Shelving Units

If you’re handy or have a particularly irregularly shaped bathroom, custom-made built in shelving can be a perfect solution. Different sized shelving compartments allow for storage of various items and organization perfectly tailored to your bathroom space.

Handyman for a Day

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