by checklist

kitchen organizing

Do you feel like your kitchen could use some more storage space? You are not the only homeowner to feel that way. As more kitchen products reach the market, consumers have more trouble finding ways to stash the items they buy. Everything from new cookware to the latest kitchen gadgets will need to be cleared away from the work area when you don’t need them. Here are some ways to make your kitchen seem bigger by adding some nifty storage.

  1. Recycle – In every home there is an excess of small boxes and other types of containers. Instead of throwing all of them out, recycle them as storage containers for the smaller items in your kitchen.
  2. Swing-out stools – One thing lacking in most small kitchens is floor space. Installing swivel stools underneath a counter or a kitchen island can give you more space to move around in the kitchen. Space underneath the swivel stools can also act as temporary storage.
  3. Open shelves – Organization is the key for a small kitchen. Open shelving not only creates the illusion of more space, it makes it easier to organize your kitchen. You can quickly find the items you need during meal preparation.
  4. Tilt-down drawer – A good spot for this is in front of the kitchen sink. It gives you a quick way to clear your countertop plus you can quickly reach these items when you need them.
  5. Maximize your space – One of the easiest ways to increase your storage is to properly utilize the space that you have. Attach dowel rods and hooks to the sides of cabinets, or underneath if there is room. This is a good solution if you have a small budget but you are short on storage.
  6. Mini super-pantry – A super pantry is just what you would imagine, a pantry designed to stock a wide range of items. They tend to be large, but you can create a scaled down version for your own kitchen to make good use of space. A reasonably sized cabinet with sliding racks, door racks and drawers can accomplish a lot in terms of meeting storage needs.

Sliding cabinets and super pantries are among the trends that are getting increased interest from homeowners. Both concepts allow for a reimagining of existing space, the sliding feature allows you to see all the items at once for quick access. Sometimes, streamlining your kitchen layout can make a big difference, but this will take some planning. You might begin to see that your small kitchen has more space than you realized.

The teams of handymen and organizational experts here at Checklist Home Services will help you discover great storage ideas for your kitchen to help you maximize space and create the kitchen you deserve. No one should have to continually work at it to keep the kitchen clean and tidy simply because you own a lot of gadgets to make cooking easier. Give us a call at 347-695-1882 or check out our residential quote request form or commercial office request form for more information.