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With winter winds just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about the changeovers that need to happen in your home. Transitioning from fall to winter at home can happen gradually, but with a bit of planning, you can make sure you’re on track to enjoy the winter months. Here are 5 ways to prepare your home for the coming cold weather.

Store Scarves Neatly

It’s time to break out the scarves, hats, and mittens. One clever option for scarf storage is to use a hanging clear plastic shoe bag. Scarves can be rolled and tucked into the pockets, making them easy to access and visible for the choosing.

Use a Curtain Rod

Another great way to organize winter clothes and accessories is to use a tension curtain rod. These rods can be installed in a myriad of places, from closets to window frames to small nooks in your home. You can loop scarves over the top or use rings with alligator clips to clip gloves and hats for easy access and drying when they get wet.

Quick and Easy Tissue Solution

Cold are inevitable during the winter months when we are all indoors the majority of the time. Keep an empty tissue box on hand, and then use rubber bands to bind it to a full one. It will make cleanup a breeze by providing a personalized disposal for your tissues.

Prepare for Stuck Tires

Keeping an extra rubber car mat around your garage or in your car trunk can also be a great trick for snowy weather. If your tires can’t get traction in the snow or slush, place the mat under the tires to allow you to get your wheels moving.

Keep Floors Clean

Wet shoes and boots being taken off at the door helps keep floors clean, but still allows for melting snow and rain to puddle on the floor. Create an easy, DIY shoe tray with a large tray and some medium sized rocks or pebbles. Boots sit on top, and water can drain into the tray, letting your shoes dry out while keeping your floors clean and free of slipping hazards.

Quick and Easy Projects Make a Difference

Some of these projects are easily seen on Pinterest and other social media websites. You can find several great “How to” style videos that include incredible items that help organize your home. Organization is the key to keeping the house cleaner and more easily maintained. Most of these projects only take a few hours and are great ways to pass the time and prepare for winter.

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