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One of the best ways to feel inspired when you walk into your kitchen is to keep it organized and clutter-free, but we all know that’s not always easy to do. We’re homeowners ourselves, and we fully understand how easy it is for the kitchen to become disorganized to the point that it feels overwhelming. So we’re helping you out, by giving you five great tips for organizing your kitchen. They’re all so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself.

  1. Keep everything stored away. Coming home to cluttered countertops and kitchen tools that are out of place certainly won’t make you feel like cooking. So find convenient storage for everything that hogs the counter space, especially those bulky appliances you don’t use often. Consider building a cabinet specifically for the mixer, blender, food processor, and other similar items. Creating a storage space for those allows you to leave those countertops free and clear.
  2. Keep all your spices in a drawer or cabinet. Stash those spices you use every day in a drawer, but be sure to label them before you do. That way they’ll be close at hand when you’re cooking yet out of the way when you don’t need them.
  3. Toss out everything that’s unused or expired. Food products and spices should never be kept past their expiration date, though many of us are guilty of pushing things back to the back of the cabinet and forgetting they’re there. Purge your cupboards of dishes and utensils you haven’t used for years; you may be surprised how much room this clears up!
  4. Store similar kitchen tools together. Sort through your kitchen tools and group similar items like bakeware or plastic containers together. Store them in a specific cabinet, so that they’re within easy reach when you need them. Stack them when possible so that smaller items are stacked within larger items to create space.
  5. Use glass front cabinets to display decorative items. Glass cabinet doors are a great place to mount a creative display of your good china and other collectibles. Alternatively, consider simply removing a cabinet door or two and using those cabinets as open shelving to display decorative items.

Be sure to add a few of your favorite things when you’re organizing and decorating the kitchen, remember you want it to be organized and happy. So it’s okay to display fresh cut flowers or fresh fruit and produce in pretty bowls on the countertop.

Are you ready to re-arrange your kitchen? These five simple tips will help get that kitchen organized so you don’t feel so lost while trying to prepare meals. It’s okay to ask for help with your kitchen organization project, as well. We have an excellent team of handymen who enjoy building and creating new ways for homeowners to organize the things they use in their daily lives. We’re currently offering a 10% discount for new customers, so call us for information about our Half-Day Handyman or Full-Day Handyman service at 347-695-1882.