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We understand that there is nothing worse than a small kitchen, especially when it comes to preparing meals and sitting down to eat with family and friends. If there is no way that you can expand your kitchen, then we want you to know that you can still maximize the space that you already have.

Here are 4 ideas to maximize the space in your small kitchen:

Make Room

There is always a way to make more room in your kitchen. It is not going to be easy, but it can be done. You can place a cover or super large cutting board over your sink to create a larger countertop and burner covers with a large tray or cutting board will create more workspace on top of your stove.

Go Vertical

All that vertical space on your walls is wasted, so we recommend that you use it to your advantage. You can hang your pots and pans as well as some of your utensils over your stove, and your spices can go on racks underneath your cabinets.


Small bookcases are perfect for kitchens, because they are narrow, and are available in many different heights. We recommend using these for more than cookbooks too. You can use them for baskets filled with snacks or cans of food or even dishes. Hooks on the sides of the bookcases can hold your aprons, potholders, and even towels.

Butcher Block Island

Small butcher block islands can be used for additional counter space and many of these are on wheels so that they can be moved from one location to another. That means that you can tuck it into a corner when you are not using it and pull it out when you need it. You can even wheel it into another room, like your dining room, to store if necessary.

Maximize Space in Your Small Kitchen

Small kitchens can be a cluttered hindrance, but a little creativity can keep them working well for you. You will not need to stop entertaining or feeding your family just because your kitchen is small and cluttered. Instead, use these four ideas or come up with others that will work in your space. Then start cooking and enjoying the meals and the love that comes out of your small, well-organized kitchen.

Kitchen organization can be as simple as adding shelves or racks to the backs of cabinet doors to make the most of your vertical space. Call us at 347-695-1882 to discuss these and other kitchen organization options with us. We’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation to help determine the best course of action for organizing your small kitchen.