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quick home fixesIt’s pretty amazing how regular everyday use can cause problems in the home. You never know when the door will start sticking, you’ll strip a screw while fixing something, or you need to add weather stripping to a window or door. A home is full of moving parts and moving parts suffer the effects of daily wear every single day. We often help homeowners who need assistance with random things throughout the home. Here are 35 things we help with on a regular basis.

What We Do in the Kitchen

  • Clean debris from refrigerator coils, motor, and fan.
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Remove old grout and replace it with new
  • Hang cabinets or shelves
  • Install GFCI outlets
  • Install a backsplash
  • Install an exhaust fan or range hood
  • Install a new faucet
  • Remove hair and soap scum buildup from drains

What We Do Throughout the Home

  • Paint walls
  • Paint crown molding
  • Paint window sills
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Repair drywall
  • Paint doors
  • Repair doors
  • Install light fixtures
  • Install switches
  • Tile repair
  • Flooring repair
  • Assemble flat-box furniture
  • Install window curtains and hardware
  • Mount a television
  • Install new door locks
  • Organize and optimize your closet and storage spaces
  • Hang artwork or mirrors
  • Install built-in shelving
  • Set up home entertainment center

What We Do in the Bathroom

  • Install exhaust fan
  • Install a dimmer switch
  • Install a toilet
  • Repair or replace a toilet flapper
  • Install GFCI outlets as needed
  • Check for leaks
  • Install shower curtains

We will also help you with the exterior of your home as well. Our handymen and women will assemble activity gyms, build a small shed, build trash enclosures, seal the deck, power wash the exterior of your home or deck, repair or install a doorbell, and a variety of other exterior items that will help keep your home looking its best.

We offer special routine maintenance, seasonal maintenance, and situational maintenance. Allow us to help with your holiday decorations in those hard to reach areas, or with those decorations that are nearly impossible to assemble correctly from year to year. We are located in Brooklyn and offer our services to the Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan areas.

We offer a special half-day service in which one of our handymen or women (or a team) will visit your home and render services starting at $395. Give us a call or visit the website for a quote any time. Make sure to book holiday decoration requests in advance so we can make sure to schedule the appointment in time for you to really enjoy the work we do.