Checklist in South Slope News

Checklist, CitiBin, and Liz are profiled in South Slope News: “Neighbor Liz Picarazzi has her hands full. That’s because she’s in the business of taking your handiwork woes out of yours. Picarazzi is the founder and CEO of Checklist Home Services, a handiwork service that she founded in 2011. While her clients are located throughout […]

15 Ideas for Decorating and Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. A lot of people are already starting on holiday decorations because they absolutely love decorating for the holidays. We completely understand! We have several professional handymen who truly enjoy helping out with seasonal decorations, so we’ve put together a list of 15 great ideas for […]

Does Your Master Bedroom Feel Like One?

Sometimes changing the color scheme and dealing with other decorative touches is enough to revitalize the look of a bedroom. If your space is seriously outdated and even cramped, here are some changes you can make to freshen and brighten things up. Storage Space One thing you will definitely want to avoid having in your […]

Common Bathroom Tile Problems and How to Address Them

Tiles are durable products that generally hold up well for years, but their location can sometimes cause problems with their durability. Moisture can be the enemy to even the most efficiently installed tiles. When this happens, the entire surface, whether it is your shower, walls, or floor, can eventually weaken. Since this risk is always […]