Steps to Conquer Gnarly Caulking

Yesterday I realized that moldy, mis-applied caulk was affecting my mood.  In my morning shower I looked at the moldy, smudgy joints where the tile meets the tub for the 100th time.  OK I’m lying, it was the 300th time.  Hopefully it was the last.  This is what I did to fix what the previous […]

Summer Lovin’: Items Not to Be Missed

We picked out 12 great summer finds (many on sale!) for you and your household. Whether you’re grilling, chilling or SOOOO on vacation, you’ll want to check out these hot picks! Lemon Candles at Sur la Table, 3 for $6.99 Artist Palette Cheese Plate from Fishs Eddy, $29.95 Independence Day Clutch from The One Well, […]