For Those Of Us Without Mudrooms

In the fall there are always a lot of articles about creating mudrooms to tidily store outdoor wear and kids’ backpacks.  As a New Yorker living in tight quarters, a mudroom seems so irrelevant that I usually ignore the articles showcasing built-in cubbies.  A sprawling mudroom like these on Houzz is mere shelter porn.  Sure, […]

Things We Love: Finials

Checklist loves beautiful things. What’s our latest obsession? Finials. Have you ever found that a small item can inspire a big project? Your toilet paper roll dispenser doesn’t work, so you find one that does and pretty soon you’ve decided to re-do your entire bathroom? You just bought a fantastic new belt and it determines […]

Guillermo Blanco, An Interview

1. What are your favorite types of home improvement projects? Anything related to carpentry, really. I love working with wood, so hanging shelves, planing sticky doors, fixing furniture and the like. 2. What is your most recent memorable customer interaction? I worked for a woman on various projects around her house for the whole day. […]