Handyman Horoscope – Libra

In Handyman Horoscope, we explore the meaning of your zodiac sign in light of your household to-do list. Once a month, we forewarn you of the booby traps just waiting to ruin your perfectly good weekend, as well as highlight the DIY projects you might consider. Before you pick up a wrench or decide to […]

Curb Alert: Antique Metal Medicine Cabinet

Another salvaged treasure from a client — this antique metal recessed medicine cabinet.  21″ x 27″ Similar models sell for $150 on eBay and $200+ at hipster Brooklyn vintage shops.   Cost:  free.  We only ask that you snap and share a pic of it installed in its new home.  Tell us why you want […]

Things We Love

Checklist loves to install beautiful things. What’s our latest obsession? Knobs.                   There are some simple things you can do to radically change the look of your kitchen. If you want to give your cooking space that homey, lived-in feel, consider having us install some new knobs. […]