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Do you ever just flip through all of the storage ideas on Pinterest and wish you could be that creative? We’re here to tell you that you have the same access to all of those items, so go for it! Don’t have time to get that creative and organize your home at the same time? That’s okay, give us a call and we’ll help out. But for today, we wanted to mention 15 specific types of storage that are sure to add the style and functionality you need to better organize your home.

  1. Open Shelving: We understand, everyone talks about open shelving, but seriously, look at it. It’s beautiful when properly used. You aren’t going to stack your old spaghetti-stained dishes in it; that’s reserved for those pretty coffee mugs and the other things you don’t allow your family to touch.
  2. Sliding Shelving in Cabinets: Cabinets are actually deep and about 30% of every lower cabinet is wasted space. Sliding shelving makes it easier to reach items in the back of the cabinet, so you’re more likely to use the space.
  3. Corner Shelves: Every room in your home has some type of corner. Make the most of corners by adding shelving that molds to the corner.
  4. Baskets: Baskets can be used everywhere! Put them in the closets, store your makeup in them, and organize small items into baskets.
  5. Decorative Shelving: Shelving doesn’t have to be boring 6-8” boards hanging on the wall. Build your own shelves with pallets and decorate them. Saw tables in half or into quarters and mount them on the wall. Get creative!
  6. Shelves with Drawers: Small drawers are excellent hiding places for small items.
  7. Magazine Bins: The perfect size for athletic water bottles and lids for all of those mismatched bowls.
  8. Chests and Trunks: Hit up Goodwill and other second-hand stores for used chests and trunks. Use them as a storage ottoman, a bench for extra seating, or other decorative ways.
  9. Old Suitcases: Old briefcases and suitcases make amazing storage spaces because they look gorgeous.
  10. Hat Boxes: Hat boxes are in the same category of gorgeous as old suitcases.
  11. An Old Ladder: An old ladder can be attached to the wall vertically or horizontally to add storage and visual appeal to any room. Rungs are the perfect size for a spice rack, for example.
  12. Room Dividers: Decorative room dividers are a beautiful way to section off part of a room if you need closet space. You still have easy access, but the mess is hidden.
  13. Large Picture Frames: Large picture frames are a great spot to store or hide your jewelry and other small items.
  14. Floating Shelving: Floating shelves have the appearance of simply being stuck to the wall with no brackets. They may also have storage on the inside as well as providing a spot to display photo frames or other decorative items.
  15. Custom Storage Ideas: Call us. Our designers truly enjoy working with our clients to build custom storage units that really stand out.

Custom Storage Ideas in Brooklyn

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