by checklist

picture of organized closet

A growing trend is the one that allows us to hide things or make them appear to be something they are not. This is especially helpful when it comes to your storage options. Here are a few creative storage hacks that can give you more space or more storage space.

  1. Use magnets: to create the illusion of space, all you have to do is place magnets or a long magnetic strip on your wall. You can hang or stick pots, knives and other metallic utensils on the wall as if placing them on a table. This will also create a conversation piece if you have visitors.
  2. Backs of doors: place hooks and baskets at the back of doors or the sides of kitchen cabinets to hang items such as cooking utensils, or coats and scarves in a bedroom.
  3. Book storage: wire baskets hung on walls can make for a unique book storage solution.
  4. Storage ideas for a bed: drawers can be placed in your bed frame, or for an even more creative idea, turn the entire bed frame into a large storage space underneath the mattress.
  5. Hooks and hangers: these can be used to hang items such as hats on walls in a unique pattern. This will make the wall more attractive and draw visitors’ attention to it.
  6. Cabinet doors: you can hang small plastic baskets on the inside of cabinet doors to store knickknacks you have lying around.
  7. Dish storage: a drawer could also be transformed into a storage space for dishes by placing vertical or horizontal slabs of wood inside.
  8. Create a wine rack: Place a mini fridge or wine rack in your kitchen island. A wine rack can be placed virtually anywhere that there is space, such as under counters.
  9. Drawer organizers: don’t throw out your shoe boxes as they can work as great organizers for large drawers. Buy some cheap cups and use them to help you organize your drawers. They can store jewelry such as earrings and necklaces.
  10. Pegboards: these are great for organizing and storing craft items. These can be placed on the garage wall or other areas where you have the wall space.
  11. Door top storage: make shelves above doorways in areas such as the washroom. This is a great way to store some items such as shampoos and cleaning supplies.
  12. Under sink storage: if you have the space, install tension rods under the kitchen sink to hang cleaning supplies. This means they are out of the way, but easy to get to when they are needed.

Creative storage hacks can help to improve your storage options. These simple ideas will keep your home better organized without much effort. The best thing about some of these ideas is that they are cheap and easy to implement. Checklist Home Services specializes in these types of projects and we would love to have the opportunity to help you better-organize your home. Our home organization experts will have your home looking amazing in no time! Call us at 347-695-1882 to schedule an appointment with us.