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Our handyman offer Brooklyn & NYC residents convenience. 

We tackle most any project you would put on a personal “home to-do list,” from painting interiors to installing light fixtures. Just like you pick a dentist and stick with that doctor for years, our aim is to become your go-to handyman service. As an established handyman service Brooklyn and Manhattan homeowners have turned to us to check a variety of chores off their list. We skillfully complete items on your honey-do list within the shortest amount of time possible. Check out our reviews – we select our craftspeople based on their skills, but also their efficiency.
Within 3 hours we can safely complete a list similar to one of these:

The Everything’s Broken List
-Repair front door lock
-Re-caulk bathroom and kitchen
-Hang 5 pieces of art into drywall
-Assemble basic IKEA dresser

The Winter Prep List
-Take out A/C in bottom part of window
-Weatherproof 5-6 windows
-Hang two hooks for winter coats

The Ceiling’s Messed Up List
-Patch, plaster, sand, plaster again, sand, prime and paint the spot on the ceiling

What’s on your list?  We can help you pull it together and get you a quote. Just complete our handy dandy handyman request form and we will follow up with an estimate.

For homes, we use a time-based model for pricing, either quoting by the hour or by the day. We employ a 3-hour minimum and also offer a discounted “Handyman for a Day” 8–hour service.

Sector B did a great piece about our unique approach –  see us in action and how much we can complete in one day.

For handyman services in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens Call 347 695 1882!